Joann D.

“Dr. Dittrich has been there for me since the birth of my son through the years of menopause.  He has helped me cope with all the stages of a woman’s life, providing caring, lifelong healthcare.  Dr. Dittrich and staff treat their patients as intelligent, individual people; listening to each one’s needs.  I drive extra miles from the shore just to see Dr. Dittrich.  No one compares!  They don’t make doctors like this anymore.”

Anne P.V

Copy of a handwritten note

Dear Dr. Dittrich, I have always felt so comfortable and have had trust in you for the many years that I have been your patient.  I really appreciate how nice I was treated by you and your staff.  I’m going through some tough times taking care of my Mom.  I needed something to perk me up.  I’m so glad I came in.  You really make me feel special. Sincerely, Ann P. V.

Joanie Y.

"I honestly do love seeing Dr. Dittrich once or more a year.  I always feel comfortable with Doc and the nurses in the office.  They’re a great help.  My 3 daughters love him as well.  I honestly don’t know what I would do if Dr. Dittrich retires.  Love ya Doc!"

Ann S.

“Been coming for over 30 years.  Love everyone here.  So nice to me.  Always get good care.”

Carol L

Excerpts form a personal letter

Doctor Dittrich,  “You are a compassionate person and a great doctor.  Thank you for being my doctor.  In my heart I know you are a great man and one who cares about the people in his care and I thank you…..I only have the deepest respect for you and I am grateful for all you have done for me.” With sincere gratitude, Carol L.

Mary P

From a holiday card

Dear Dr. Dittrich, “Thank you so much for being such a great doctor and listening to my problems when I come in for my exams.  You are not only a good doctor but a good friend also.  May you and your family have a Happy Holiday season.” Sincerely, Mary P.

Capri D

Dr. Dittrich, “You are truly the only doctor I trust.” -Capri D.

Kathleen P.

“Dear Dr. Dittrich, Thank you for taking good care of me for all these years.  God Bless You Always. Thank your Nurse Practitioner Casella also!” -Kathleen P.